Get Them Ready

Data Science is the next big skill set that Engineering Graduates would need and hence DSA has taken up the baton to get the students ready for the jobs of the future. 

Current Market Surveys Highlight the opportunities in this space 

Source: Analytics-and-Data-Science-India-Jobs-Study-2017-by-Edvancer-AIM

Campus Workshops

DSA conducts Workshops for Undergraduate students to expose them to the immense potential of Data Science, Big Data and AI. This exercise helps them to showcase such a unique skill-set on their resume and get them an advantage for the campus recruitment 

DSA Campus Hackathons

DSA Conducts Hackathons in the campus to motivate students to learn and compete in the field of Data Science. We incentivise students by giving out Prize money, Course vouchers and Participation certificates  

Prepare Students for Data Science Careers

DSA conducts career building programs for students to guide them in the right path to handle Data Scientist Careers. These sessions include Data Science Training, Soft skills Training/assessment, Internship Opportunities, Resume Prep and Mock Interview sessions. 


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