Akanksha: "How Data Science Authority helped me to get an advanced role in the analytics industry"

Akanksha took a short break from IT industry after returning from Australia. She joined Data Science Authority to rejuvenate her career prospects in the analytics field. She landed a cutting edge analytics role in the financial industry with the help of the specialized training program and mentor-ship from us. Here is the full story in her words -


Lead Data Scientist  -  EY

What is your Professional/Educational Background?

I have done BCA from Birla Institute of Technology. I have 5 years of working experience as a reporting/BI analyst in the BFS domain. I have worked on data exploration and dash-boarding projects for some of the leading financial clients.

Why Data Science as a career option?

As I am already working in BI, I thought Data science and A.I will be natural extension for my skill set and progression in the industry. Also, It is declared as hottest job for 2020, listed in many researches strengthened my decision.

What made you join Data Science Authority?

I have researched a lot for good training institutes on the web to learn Data Science. I have stumbled upon Data Science Authority during the research and liked their offering immediately. They had great reviews on internet, unique program structure and highly qualified mentors. I have decided to to attend their workshop after talking to one of the mentors. I was impressed by the professionalism, background of mentors, flow of the course after attending the workshop. So, I have decide to give it a try!

How is the course and learning experience?

Loved each and every bit of it, they have the best way of explaining things from scratch through experiential learning process. They made us solve the simulated projects after teaching the concepts, which helped in understanding implementation aspects of data science projects. As it is a niche data science company, we got the chance to interact and learn from teaching assistants, who are also qualified data scientists.

How did you land a data science role in the industry?

After the course completion, I have spent some time in going through the training material and got perfected in some topics. I had a one on one session with our mentor for resume guidance and interview preparation. It really helped in creating my profile around the concepts that I am confident of and build use cases around them. I have attended couple of interviews after solid preparation and cleared both of them. I have realized that nobody wants you to know everything, they just want you to be confident about the things you know.

What's your advice for Data Science Enthusiasts?

Don't get afraid of the fancy things happening in the world of data science. Start with basics before gradually building your knowledge on top of them. With proper guidance and self discipline, you will be able to make it eventually!

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